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KissBank is proud to feature The People's Kitchen as its Charity of the Month.

This wonderful initiative, started in Dalston in East London and now spreading around London and further afield, utilises and spreads awareness of food waste and celebrates the power of community by bringing together a team of volunteers to transform food that was heading for landfill into beautiful cooked meals that are served on a "pay what you can afford" basis.

The food supply system is in a precarious situation. Prices are rising and in some areas food shortages are already a common theme. More than one billion of the world's people are hungry and as the world's population rises through the 7 billion barrier, the problem looks like it can only get worse. Yet we throw away tonnes of food every year. Annual estimates of the food waste in the UK alone exceed 20 million tonnes.

All food takes energy, time and resources to create. The People's Kitchen aims to "ambush" this food surplus before it becomes food waste which is destined to clog-up already overfull landfill sites. The Kitchen also celebrates People power. Many hands make light work. And many bodies and minds make for a beautifully social atmosphere both in the kitchen and its later transformation to a dining room.

The KissBank TV video shows the amazing work, energy and commitment of local food shops and volunteers as an otherwise sleepy Sunday afternoon is transformed into a hub of activity to deliver an amazing selection of food dishes to the local community.

Every Charity Kiss donated was matched by a cash contribution from the Kiss Sponsor to make funds available to The People's Kitchen to modernise equipment and to develop and expand its activities.

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Bob Duffield and Nigel Nicholson: KissBank's Founders

KissBank Kiss Sponsor Bob Duffield (L) and Nigel Nicholson (R)

We introduced Charity of the Month in April 2012. Thanks to the generosity of our account holders, all our charities so far have met or exceeded their donation targets.

This month we are bringing back, by public demand, our first ever Charity of the Month: The People's Kitchen. This amazing community initiative embodies the spirit of KissBank and what we are trying to achieve. Every Sunday in Dalston, and now elsewhere in London, a community centre is transformed between lunchtime and early evening into a living example of how we should care for our food resources and our communities.

Volunteers collect food that would otherwise become food waste and go to landfill from local shopkeepers who donate it willingly. They bring it back to The People's Kitchen where a small army of volunteers clean and prepare it and create a deliciously tempting menu of main courses and desserts. Early evening, the doors open and everyone is welcome to dine for whatever they can afford to pay ... from nothing to a few pennies or pounds. All contributions are ploughed back to buy further equipment and extend the reach of this wonderful project.

We truly believe that The People's Kitchen shows how the Kindness of a few can be nurtured and spread among the many. It's why we founded KissBank ... to Change the World One Kiss at a Time.


We believe that KissBank and Charities share a common cause: to make the world a better place for people to live. Our aim is to promote Kindness and our Charity of the Month initiative harnesses this aim into providing hard cash for Charities who are working on the ground to improve people's quality of life.

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KissBank's "Charity of the Month" is the perfect expression of Kindness as the ultimate "win-win" for humanity. The KissBank logic is simple – the kinder you are, the more Kisses you will receive. Now you can turn your kindness into cash. Every month you can send a proportion of your Received Kisses to our Charity of the Month – which has lined up a Kiss Sponsor to pay them an amount per Kiss.

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