KissBank is the Global Hub of Kindness. KissBank TV combines original programming and the amazing and inspiring content found on the Internet to create Six Channels of Programming that will lift your heart and raise your spirits.

Our mission is to find a new balance in the reporting of stories and news from around the world. 24/7 TV News Channels are a Horror Show that feed us an endless diet of stories about war, death and destruction.

Ultimately they deaden our senses to human suffering and misery, creating Kindness Blindness – a condition where it is hard to see any good in the world or goodness in other people.

KissBank TV shows that there are kind people everywhere. Our own in-house magazine channel 'The Kiss' is a wake-up call for Kindness. Our programming covers all the bases – animation, kids, music, celebrity, Random Acts of Kindness and serious discussions by scientists, philosophers and ethical leaders.

So tune in daily and discover why Kindness Blindness is a fiction and not a fact.

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Do please let us know about any videos you see on YouTube and other sites, on the theme of "Kissing the World Better", that would be ideal for featuring here!

What's New

Mon 19th August 2013 at 7:48am

The programming on KissBank TV is updated regularly with a mix of original footage and inspiring video content we and you find on the Web. So please send us links to anything you see that moves and inspires you!

We launched a brand new Kids Channel to reflect the fact that the KissBank message resonates perfectly with the Kindness agenda we all wish our children to embrace. And we have new content in the Music Channel and the RAK Channel, with more to come on a regular basis.

The Talk Channel features two films based on the work of Professor Dacher Keltner whose book: "Born to be Good" mirrors both the science and philosophy behind KissBank.

We are always looking for original new videos to add to the Music Channel and the Celebrity Channel. Remember that you can see all our videos on our You Tube Channel: Kissbanktv

The Kiss Channel

KissBank Founders: Bob Duffield and Nigel Nicholson explain how they came up with the idea of and their ambition to make it the Global Hub of Kindness.

Kids Channel

A wonderful short video where young kids describe why it's important to be Kind.

Celebrity Channel

Bollywood: A report about Bollywood Stars with hearts of gold – in terms of their contributions to charity.

Talk Channel

Kindness Scientist: New research shows how we are biologically programmed to be kind – and how this accounts for our evolutionary success as a species.

Music Channel

Karmina – "The Kiss"

RAK Channel

The Funky Leisure Kindness Offensive hit a pop festival spreading a little love and joy.