KissBank: The Global Currency of Kindness

We are surrounded by kind people and bound together as a species by invisible bonds of kindness. The more we acknowledge this fact, the kinder we become as individuals. KissBank is a forum for people all over the World to report random acts of kindness, great and small, in words, pictures and videos. KissBank is a global newsfeed for stories about human beings at their best – and an antidote to the stories of death, destruction and disaster that fill our lives through 24/7 news reporting. We all take other people for granted. But the simple act of recognizing a kind deed is our first step to becoming kinder ourselves.

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KissBank Kiss
Campaign For A Kinder World

How do we make a better world for ourselves, our children and their children? Judging by the endless stream of horror stories about war, starvation, cruelty and poverty the human species has a very long way to go. KissBank believes that the impact of 24/7 News has created a new syndrome which we call 'Kindness-Blindness'.

Kindness and kind people do exist in the world – but they rarely get a mention. Our campaign to 'Kiss the World Better' is the antidote to 'Kindness-Blindness' because it puts kind people and kind deeds into the spotlight. The plan is simple. We're going to fill the world with Kisses of Kindness which, with your help, will come to mean Kindness on a global scale.

Download Kisses of Kindness from and help us to distribute them in their millions and billions. Send them, email them, stick them, paste them, graffiti them, distribute them to anyone and everyone.

The idea is that wherever you see the Kiss of Kindness you will be reminded that despite everything Kindness Really Does Exist in the World.

KissBank Kiss
Reward Kind Acts With Kisses

KissBank believes we live in a much kinder world than we all think. To prove this we have created a new Currency of Kindness based on a global unit of social value – the 'Kiss'. KissBank is the hub of a new economy based on the giving and receiving of Kisses. In this economy it is the kindest people in the world who will accumulate the most Kisses, irrespective of their financial status.

To back up this simple and straightforward idea, KissBank has coined the slogan:

'See Kindness, Send a Kiss'

We want you to reward kind acts by sending out Kisses to friends and strangers alike. There are six types of Kisses you can send:

(for truly amazing people)
(for birthdays and other celebrations)
(for celebrities)

Sign up to KissBank today. It will cost you nothing. We put 200 Kisses straight into your KissBank account and add another 100 every month. It works like any other online bank account. You can track Kisses In and Out on your KissBank statement. You can write a personal and private message on every Kiss you send - which is delivered in the form of a Kiss Banknote, and can be downloaded and printed. You will soon build up your own Kiss Archive of messages – a record of kindness that you can keep forever.

KissBank Charity
Turn Kisses Into Cash For Charity

It's amazing to receive Kisses from other people. It's a sign of how much they love and appreciate you. It's even more amazing to learn that your Kindness can directly help good causes and charities.

Thanks to third party sponsors, the Kisses you receive every month can be turned into hard cash for KissBank's 'Charity of the Month'. Every month you can donate a proportion of the Kisses you've received to the Charity and the sponsor will match it with a cash donation. So the more active your KissBank account is, the more Kisses you can donate.

We "piloted" Charity of the Month in April 2012 using 'The People's Kitchen' – a group of volunteers who feed deprived communities around London using food that would otherwise end up in landfill. We reached our target of 10,000 Kisses and the sponsor paid 10 pence per Kiss!

So when you open your KissBank account, check out the current 'Charity of the Month'. Our 'Kissometer' tracks donated Kisses in real time against the target.

We believe that 'Sponsored Kissing' is a revolutionary fundraising system for charities all over the world.

KissBank TV
See How Kindness Transforms Lives

At the heart of KissBank there is a Big Idea. It is that the world is a much kinder place that we think. We are all surrounded by kind people doing kind things for us and others, but they never make the headlines. Only stories about human beings at their worst seem to make the News. Until now.

KissBank is the hub of a new kind of journalism which features stories, reports and films about good people. Sign up to become a KissBank Account Holder and you will see there is no shortage of 'good news' in the world!

You will able to access the six channels of KissBank TV:

  • The Kiss  –  our in-house magazine about Kindness in the World
  • Animation  –  funny, moving and informative cartoons for all the family
  • Celebrity  –  find out which celebrities do the most for charity
  • Talk  –  programming by leading academics about kindness and the science of a meaningful life.
  • Music  –  artists and musicians who are trying to make a difference
  • Random Acts of Kindness  –  phone clips sent in by people all over the world

We are also proud to feature stories from every corner of the planet about ordinary people whose kindness and generosity of spirit makes them true Heroes. You also get the chance to send a special 'Hero Kiss' to people who deserve recognition. Each Kiss pushes them up the KissBank Index – our unique measure of social worth.

As the world's first social empathy website is your chance to send a Kiss to total strangers to acknowledge kindness and good deeds. The simple act of sending a Kiss to reward someone you don't even know will help us to Change the World One Kiss at a Time.

KissBank Kiss Out
'Kiss Out' Violence And Cruelty

Violent images have taken over the world – in the news, in video games, on advertising hoardings, photographs, magazines – literally everywhere.

KissBank's 'Kiss Out' campaign is an integral part of our attempt to 'Kiss the World Better'. We want you to use our Kiss of Kindness symbol as a way of cancelling out violent images. Like this:

KissBank Kiss Out
KissBank Kiss Out

Sign up to and click on 'Kiss Out Campaign' for instructions on how to download the Kiss of Kindness and use it to obscure and block images of violence.

KissBank Global Economy
Build A Global Economy Based On Kindness

We are surrounded by kind people and bound together as a species by invisible bonds of kindness. The more we acknowledge this fact, the kinder we become as individuals. KissBank is the base of a new economy based on kindness and the 'Kiss' is the first global unit of social currency in history. We believe the simple act of sending a Kiss to reward an act of kindness will Change the World – One Kiss at a Time.

A Kiss is worth the same in China, in Chile and in Chingford. It is the only currency in the world that only becomes valuable when you give it away.

KissBank is the first social empathy website. It is where social networking becomes transformed into an ethical movement. Our fundamental aim is to harness the vast connecting power of the Internet to serve the better side of human nature. And this means the promotion and revaluation of kind people and all acts of kindness. People of differing beliefs, religions and political ideals can all agree that there is true value in helping other people.

It's easy to be selfish in a world defined by money, materialism and consumerism. But every society is glued together by people sacrificing their own personal interests for a greater good – for other people. KissBank is the ethical forum for all of you who want to put the Kind back into Humankind.

There are millions of you out there - so sign up to make a better world today.