Frequently asked questions

Why can I only send 100 Kisses per month?

We think that sending a Kiss should be special. If we permitted an unlimited number of Kisses they would lose their value.

Why 100 Kisses?

We think this number is about right. We want people to have enough Kisses to be able to send them on a regular basis, but not so many they don’t know what to do with them. We are happy to receive feedback and suggestions from our account holders, and if there is a convincing argument that the number needs to be changed, we will change it.

Why can’t I carry forward more than 50 unsent Kisses at the end of each month? wants the world to be sending Kisses regularly and with abandon! We don’t see the point of opening an account and then just accumulating Kisses month after month without sending any.

Is the message I attach to a Kiss private between me and the person receiving the Kiss?

Yes. Only the person who sends a Kiss and the person who receives a Kiss can see the message.

How safe is my information?

We have invested a lot in both technology and people to make sure our Website keeps running, and that all your data is safe. We also follow the latest in industry best practices for both security and data protection.

What do I do if someone sends me a rude or offensive message?

We do not tolerate abusive behaviour, so report it to us immediately. We will then investigate and take whatever measures are necessary, including cancelling the account of the person sending the abusive message

How do I cancel my account?

Login to your account and select delete profile.

What happens to the Kisses I sent and received when I cancel my account?

The Kisses you sent will stay with the people you sent them to. The Kisses you received, and the messages attached to them, will be deleted from our Website and records.

How do I upload a picture to my profile?

Login to your account and select add image.

Why are there six different types of Kisses?

A Kiss is a Kiss, but the reasons for giving them vary. We wanted to give you different ways to show appreciation for different things.

Why are there Indexes for only three types of Kisses?

Our three Indexes track the two kinds of Kisses – Hero and Fan – that are sent in the greatest volume, and a combination of the five types of Kisses that account holders can send to each other.

Why do all Kisses disappear on December 31 each year?

KissBank operates on an annual cycle, culminating in the publication of two Indexes recording the most Kissed recipients for that year. On January 1st, everyone starts with a clean slate so that the counting can start again. Previous years Indexes will be archived though and viewable on the site.

How do I switch languages on the Website?

Use the language drop down box on the left hand side of each page. Click your country and if the site is available in that language, it will automatically appear in that language. Otherwise content will be displayed in the default language – English.

What is a nominated account?

It is an account we create to enable you to Kiss someone featured in one of our news stories, or a celebrity you admire, who does not currently have their own personal KissBank account. We store all the Kisses and messages you send to a nominated account and pass them on when that person opens an account, or if they request them by email.

Who decides if a person I nominate appears on the Index?

We decide based on the number of Kisses the potential nominee receives.

What sort of information should I include when I submit a story?

You should include the person’s name and an email address if you have it. You then have up to 1,000 characters (approximately 150 words) to summarise the story. Explain why you think it is important and inspiring enough to share with other people.

Do stories have to be about very important events?

No, only you can judge why something has meaning for you.

Who decides if my story is published?

Our editorial team reviews story ideas before deciding which ones to follow up.

How long will it take before you decide if my story is published?

We employ high journalistic standards and follow accepted industry best practice guidelines. What that means is a story will be published when we have taken all reasonable steps to ensure its accuracy.  That might take some time. We think it’s time well spent.

Why do I need to update my profile if I change address, email address or phone number?

We need to hold the most current available information for you if we need to contact you for any reason. This information is held securely on our servers.

How do I change my email address and password?

Go to the My Account section of the Website and choose Edit my Profile.  You cannot change either your email address or password unless you enter your existing password to confirm the change. And we send you an email to confirm that it was you who made the change.

What happens if I use more than one email address?

You should register with the email address you most commonly use for social purposes and the one that most of your friends use to communicate with. However, we recognise that some people who wish to Kiss you may have a different email address for you. This is why we allow you to register up to three subsidiary addresses linked to your main email address.

What happens if I send a Kiss and the recipient does not collect it?

We only store Kisses for a limited amount of time. This is both to save space on our servers and, to keep your Kisses timely. If the Kiss is not collected within 28 days we assume that the intended recipient is not interested in receiving that Kiss and we delete it.