KissBank overview

  • We believe that money is a bad way of judging someone’s worth
  • We’re offering an alternative: the world’s first truly global currency: Kisses
  • lets you send and receive Kisses
  • You can send Kisses as rewards for acts of heroism or courage; or just to say
  • You can send six types of Kisses: Hero, Friend, Fan, Love, Thanks & Congrats
  • We give you 100 Kisses a month for FREE
  • There’s only one rule – you can’t keep them. Kisses must be given away
  • You only get to keep the Kisses you receive from others
  • We think this is a better way to reward friends and strangers alike; family,
    colleagues and the community
  • KissBank is a global news hub featuring incredible acts of bravery, charity,
    courage and self sacrifice – KissBank News shows people at their best
  • Using the Kiss as a currency of social worth we can create a new economy
    underpinned by goodness
  • Join us. Sign up for a free account today
  • And get yourself Kissed!

Email our press team at:

For all other enquiries, please download the press pack.


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