Philosophy believes that money is a bad way of judging someone’s

There are many good people in this world who enrich our lives for no material reward at all. But they remain unrecognised. Until now.

KissBank believes it is possible to create a currency based on kindness and good acts. The global unit of this currency is the ‘Kiss’ – which is given for acts of kindness, and received in appreciation.

This allows anyone to reward anyone anywhere on the planet – stranger or friend – for being a good person, and making the world a better place for us all to live in.

An economy based on kindness – where no money changes hands – will magnify and reward millions of small acts of goodness that go unrecognised every day.

This is how it works…

  • KissBank gives you Kisses for free. You MUST give them away.
  • But you get to keep every Kiss sent to you. Forever.
  • There are six kinds of Kisses that can be sent – Hero Kiss, Friendship Kiss, Thanks Kiss, Love Kiss, Congrats Kiss and Fan Kiss. And with every Kiss you send, you can add a personal and private message.
  • When you open a KissBank account, we give you 200 Kisses to spend immediately and 100 Kisses every month. Your monthly KissBank Statement tracks Kisses Sent, and Kisses received.
  • Every year on New Year’s Day we will announce the KissBank Rich List – an annual roll call of those who have received the most Kisses globally and nationally from our account holders.
  • KissBank is also a global news hub featuring incredible acts of bravery, charity, courage and self-sacrifice – with many stories coming from our Account Holders. KissBank News shows people at their best.
  • KissBank is social networking revolution that recognises acts of humanity – big or small, local or global.
  • There are many truly good people in the world. It’s time they got the reward they deserve – a Kiss. From You.

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