Nathan Farrugia: completes 27 Marathons in 27 Countries in 27 Days today.

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Nathan Farrugia's remarkable achievement surely earns him the title Hero. Running 8,000 kilometers in 27 days to raise money for childrens' charities is a feat few could ever hope to match. KissBank salutes this Marathon Man of Steel!

Marathon Man Nathan Farrugia Runs Over 1100km For Kids’ Charities

Nathan Farrugia will today complete a remarkable athletic feat, running his 27th marathons in 27 days in 27 different countries in aid of childrens’ charities.

The 37 year-old father of two and former member of the Maltese national basketball team has been on the road since September 11th, crossing Europe on his remarkable endurance journey.

Starting in his home country of Malta, Nathan has run one full 42.2km every day in a different major European city, following a specific route and accompanied by local running clubs.

He has run in cities including London, Paris, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Dublin, Helsinki and Rotterdam.

Nathan often has less than 18 hours to get from one run to the next, travelling in a camper van with just one member  of his support staff. Some days he has only managed one or two hour cat naps before having to get out and start running again. For the more distant ports of call, Nathan has hopped on a plane.

In an interview with Maltese website, Nathan said:

“There is no book that can tell you how to physically prepare for such an extreme event so I am using a mix of exercise physiology, nutrition, physiotherapy and extreme endurance knowledge with a pinch of common sense.”

As well as raising money for children’s charities such as the UK Childrens’ Society, Enable Ireland, Ronald McDonald House in Latvia and the Daniel Delicata Memorial Foundation in Malta.

At each 42.2km marathon, Nathan has been accompanied by local running clubs ‘as a show of solidarity and to strengthen awareness of the cause – that of promoting the value of volunteering and to encourage people to give up some of their time and money to help others’.

When Nathan crosses the finish line today of his last run in Limassol, Cyprus, he will have run a total of  1,139.4km and raised – to date – more than 33,000 Euros for his charities.

KissBank readers can track Nathan as he completes his epic achievement by following him on Twitter @27Challenge.


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One Response to Marathon Man Nathan Farrugia Runs Over 1100km For Kids’ Charities

  1. Joseph and Brenda says:

    Nathan is a very courageous boy and sets himself impossible challenges which he successfully achieves! Remarkable!!

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